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What is TOR?




It is my extreme pleasure to introduce Temple Off-Road to the world. Tegan Temple, longtime professional off-road rider and national champion, is on a mission to bring a Grand Prix Off-Road Racing series to the northeastern United States. Primarily, Temple is focused on the tri-state region of PA, NJ, and DE. Fittingly, the name of the series: Temple Off-Road or “TOR”. Racing at the professional level led Tegan on a journey through many different states in the country, competing in different racing series, across many disciplines in the sport. What he enjoys most nowadays is Off-Road GP racing and for those of you who don’t know, GP is slang for “Grand Prix”. This style of racing combines the skills of motocross, woods/off-road and “extreme” enduro style courses. The racing takes place on a 3-5 mile course, broken up into 2 thirty minute motos. Oh and if “moto“ is confusing you enduro guys, moto is slang for a race. The combined results of each of the “motos” are tallied to give you an overall finish for the day. Similar to a harescramble, it is a dead engine start and you will be on the starting line with 3-4 other classes/rows. HOWEVER, unlike a harescramble, the classes are all broken down into A,B,C so that different skill levels are NOT on the course at the same time. This format gives you an opportunity to learn the course and then make changes to your machine and your race strategy so that you may improve in the second race(moto 2). This race day schedule also allows for the TOR staff to improve upon and manage the course throughout the day, ensuring the ultimate rider experience. 


While there are concrete plans to hold a 10+ round series in 2024; to get the ball rolling or in this case, tires turning, Tegan thought it best to hold a 3 Round Triple Crown in 2023 to introduce his vision to the race community. TOR is on their way to making history, you’re not gonna wanna miss it! 

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